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Naturopaths specialise in disease prevention and we use scientific evidence combined with traditional medicine in our clinical practice.

Naturopathic case taking often uncovers disease long before it becomes a diagnosable pathology.Rachael Sacco is a Naturopath with over 23 years of experience in the field after graduating with an Advanced Diploma of Applied Science in Naturopathy, Practitioner Diploma of Clinical Nutrition and Practitioner Diploma of Herbal Medicine in 1998. 

Since then she has worked in various allopathic settings incorporating complimentary medical interventions. These areas include acquired brain injury, adolescent mental health and drug and alcohol detoxification. 

In private practice, she has had experience with treating a wide range of health conditions in conjunction with allopathic medicine. 

Areas that hold particular interest include autoimmune conditions, women's reproductive health, natural fertility management, children's health, gastrointestinal health and mental health.

Individualised treatment plans are devised following extensive questioning and case history taking in your 1st appointment, functional blood tests may be recommended and treatment/management of the condition may involve a change in diet, clinical nutrient and or herbal supplementation may be necessary.

"The goal I set for all of my clients is to encourage them to take control of their health, to understand why things may be impeding their sense of wellness and find ways to optimise their health in pursuit of prevention of disease through diet, exercise, good gut health, understanding their hereditary or lifestyle health predispositions and mental health wellness"  

Naturopaths treat both acute and chronic conditions and is well suited to anyone at any age.

Rachael Sacco is a Naturopath with 17 years of clinical experience. She treats many conditions ranging from digestive disorders, anxiety, depression, reproductive issues and common complaints such as immune dysfunction, arthritis and nutritional deficiencies.

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