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Worksite Ergonomic Assessment

We offer workstation assessments, whether it’s at home or in the office. We can also assess your station via an online video call.

We also assess students study areas. With more students home schooling currently, its alarming to hear they spend hours studying on their stomach, on their bed, on a bean bag, on the floor, on the coffee table…..everywhere except their desk!

With the increase in people working from home currently, we have seen a spike in upper limb, back and neck complaints.

Poor posture is the largest contributor to most musculoskeletal complaints including headaches and migraines.

We will discuss;

  • Head position
  • Eye strain
  • Postural Alignment
  • Breathing Mechanics
  • Rest periods
  • Chair Positioning
  • Monitor Position
  • Desk height
  • Hydration
  • Screen time effects of Blue light

We can design a program to negate the impact of desk work, reset your posture and maintain good habits.

Feel free to call the clinic to discuss making and appointment, or book online.
How do I book an online worksite assessment ?

To book a worksite assessment video consult through our booking gateway system on our website, we recommend booking as a GUEST

  • Select if you are a New or Existing Patient.
  • Under the health services tab select “Worksite Assessment”
  • Select your preferred practitioner
  • Select appointment type, 45mins worksite assessment video consult.

How do I schedule an Onsite Worksite Assessment?

Depending on your location, we will need to allocate travel time, so please contact the clinic on or call us on (03) 9354 2242

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