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Online Video/ Phone Consult

What is an Online Video/Phone Consult?

An Online Video/Phone Consult involves the use of telecommunications and virtual technology to deliver health care outside of traditional health-care facilities.

Why would I use an online Osteopath?

It may be the only way you can consult with your practitioner or it may be a more convenient way to consult with your practitioner. It may also be a convenient way to get a second opinion on some health matters.

Will my practitioner have access to my records?

If you are a current patient of Coburg Osteopathy our practitioners will have access to your medical records to reference throughout your consultation.

Do you accept new patients via Online Video/Phone Consult?

Yes. Please book a 45min consultation if you are a new patient.

Can I get referrals / supplements / aids?

Yes. If your practitioner prescribes something you cannot get, they can organise to have it sent out to you.

What services can our Osteopath provide Online?

  • Movement assessment and Program
  • Postural assessment and Program
  • Mobility assessment and Program
  • Strength assessment and Program
  • Exercise prescription
  • Rehab program
  • Ergonomic work Station assessment
  • Pain management
  • Stress management
  • Athlete screening
  • Clinical Medical Advice and Education
  • Medical Certificates
  • Golf range/on course physical screening and Program

How Secure is it?

Our software's high level of security is compliant to the Australian Privacy Policy and legal requirements about handling medical data.

What if it doesn't work?

Our online video consults rely on certain things out of our control like: the quality of internet or the quality of the device you are using. If there are some issues the consultation will continue over the phone.


In order for us to call you for a video or phone call chat, you will be required to download PhysiApp which is available on all devices. It is a free App and will allow us to send you messages, design an exercise program for you, as well as perform an online consultation.

Once you have downloaded PhysiApp, you can book an online appointment.

How do I book an online Video/Phone consult?

To book a video consult through our booking gateway system on our website, we recommend booking as a GUEST.

  1. Select if you are a New or Existing Patient.
  2. Under the health services tab select “Online Consultations”
  3. Select your preferred practitioner
  4. Select appointment type, 15mins, 30mins, 45mins or 60 mins video consult.

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