Athlete Development

As a group we are concerned with long term gains for our patients. Long term athlete development (LTAD) has led to the development of athletic models, which identify appropriate training aims at each stage of the athlete's physical development, regardless of which sport they are involved in.

We are involved in junior level athlete development right through to the elite level.  The FUNdamentals are crucial to give all kids a vital foundation for all motor skill development.  We now know what we are missing as adults and why the incidence of musculoskeletal injuries is so high in sports. We simply must give all children the opportunity to develop into strong, healthy bodies before they turn professional in their chosen sport.


Once they are professional athletes and their body is their tool for their chosen career, we can assist in maintaining; correct alignment, strength, flexibility, agility, mobility and stability.  We work closely with coaches and strength and conditioning staff to assist athletes in maintaining an injury free career.