Roome2Move Pilates


Maximum 12 per class. Pilates is an exercise session in body awareness. In order to create any real change in your body. It’s important to understand not only the movements involved in the exercises, but also the principles that transform these exercises into a restorative body and mind workout. Pilates will help your body through 6 essential principles including:

1) Focus and concentration
2) Co-ordination
3) Breathing
4) Control and precision
5) Flow of movement
6) Centering


Using the unique characteristics of the swissball, this class will challenge your core group of muscles. For people of all fitness levels, exercises can be modified to suit a variety of people. You will develop tone, strength and flexibility by using the ball to stabilise your body. Areas specifically targeted include postural muscles in your body.

PILATES - Individualised

Maximum 3 per class, for people with injuries or pregnant needing individualised programs and attention. All movements are practised with control, concentration, precision and flow. Each person will undergo an individual assessment with the teacher prior to commencing this course.