Room2Move Group Classes


An effective class helping you restore symmetry and balance to your body, improve flexibility and suppleness. Challenge your body and get back the mobility you once had. Ideal for anyone who needs to rid their body of stiffness and has lost range of motion in any part of their body due to muscle tightness.


Suitable for everyone that suffers from poor posture. We will save you from careless body stress which occurs during daily activities and forces joints into unnatural positions. Good posture requires a lifetime commitment on your behalf. Poor posture places unnecessary pressure on all your organs so breathe easier and enrol today.



Taken by Osteopaths to ensure effective and safe rehabilitative exercises are prescribed for anyone with an injury or post surgery. Combines a variety of exercises and props specific to individual requirements.


Safe and effective exercises suitable from 0-9 months for all mums to be. All exercises are carefully planned and monitored by Osteopaths. Classes are fun and beneficial, providing positive psychological and physiological benefits.


Bounce back into shape after baby. Mothers are recommended to start exercising 6 weeks after the birth with gradual exercises that restore strength to the pelvis, abdomen and low back. Taught by Osteopaths, emphasis is also placed on posture and baby handling to prevent injury and strain on new mums. Babies welcome and involved so no need to find a baby sitter.