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Preventing Injuries in Teenagers - By Neil Michael, Exercise Physiologist

Thursday, April 07, 2016

As an Exercise Physiologist and Coach, I have had several conversations during pre-season amongst the coaches all expressing concerns regarding injuries for the teenage athletes that are in our care.

This class has been put together in response to feedback from injured teenage athletes, coaches and parents.  The goal is to address concerns early so that injuries do not get worse and to avoid the frustration for all involved if games are missed unnecessarily.

From my experience it is the missing ingredient in the training routines of younger athletes that will keep them healthy and performing consistently throughout the season.  With an emphasis on education and self management, it is good for teenage athletes to learn how to take responsibility for their health and be able to turn up to training sessions fit and prepared for the demands of their sport.

We are running Teenage Injury Prevention Classes being held at the Studio where I work in Coburg, numbers are restricted so please contact us on 9354 2242.