Michelle Falzon

Michelle Falzon is a Registered Holistic Human Development Practitioner website.

Being a very passionate person, Michelle shows great dedication and commitment in all that she does.
Whilst providing a client centred approach to both counselling and meditation sessions and workshops, Michelle makes it her priority to help and make certain that each person meets their own needs as individuals, rather than attempting to force them into a predesigned model of mental or physical health.

Michelle will recognise, value and build on the individuality of a person through using all aspects of ethics, compassion, listening, grounding, integrity and centeredness, knowledge of body awareness and body language, understanding, active listening and support.

Michelle is offering classes and workshops in Meditation, Prenatal Meditation and Wellbeing, Stress Management and Wellbeing, and Teenage Meditation, along with private services in holhelle’s sessions and workshops, she will endeavour to help you grow a habit of good health and positive thinking