Basic Meditation Workshop

During this course students will learn basic breathing techniques, Meditation for muscle relaxation and guided visualisation Meditation. They will also explore affirmations in Meditation, Zen Meditation and Mindful...ness Meditation. At the end of this course your students should feel comfortable and confident about practicing Meditation. They should have a good understand of the fight or flight reaction, understand their own stress responses and be able to disengage from a stress response fairly quickly. They should have chosen a Meditation style they feel best suits them and be regularly practicing Meditation in their own time. They should be able to report a noticeable improvement in their daily lives through the regular practice of Meditation. On completion of the course students’ receive an “INNER VOYAGE – Holistic Human Development, certificate of completion – Meditation Techniques”.

The Inner Voyage Course Workshop

The Inner Voyage Course is best suited to people with some knowledge and experience of Meditation. It is ideal for people who are ready to make significant and lasting positive changes in their lives. During this course students will embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn many tools for positive thinking and stress management. They will learn advanced breathing techniques, Meditation for training the brain to perform instant muscle relaxation, guided visualisation Meditations, Zen Meditation, Chakra Meditation and mindfulness Meditation. They will develop and refine their own meditation style. They will learn to work with Affirmations, journaling, develop their communication skills and improve their self-esteem. On completion of the course students’ receive an “INNER VOYAGE – Holistic Human Development, certificate of completion – Meditation and Personal Development Course”.

Blissful Birthing Meditation Workshop

Are you very excitedly expecting the arrival of your precious new bundle of joy? Well if the answer is yes, then first and foremost a massive congratulations to you both! As we are already aware, meditation is a powerful therapy that can be applied to improve, heal, correct and even prevent many human conditions on both physiological and psychological levels. Prenatal meditation is generally used by pregnant women to assist them in preparing for a trouble free, faster, less painful and more peaceful birth. It is also extremely helpful in providing the mother with techniques for managing stress and anxiety during pregnancy therefore improving the general health of both mother and baby. Pregnant women who practice meditation are calmer and more relaxed and this is believed to create a more positive environment for the grouting fetus, resulting in a more relaxed infant. If you are in your second trimester, or at the end of your first, and would like to participate in my Blissful Birthing Meditation classes/workshops that can run at either Coburg Osteopathy or Infinity Wellbeing in Williamstown, then please do call, email or message to secure your booking. Workshops can be modified to suit your needs and requirements, running from a 1hr session for 6 weeks, a full day workshop, or a 3hr workshop over two days. (consecutive or over two weeks).

Group / Private Meditation

Meditation sessions bring forth inner peace and wellness on numerous levels. With a diverse range of different styles to suit a wide variety of individuals and their preferred meditation practices, these sessions will sometimes incorporate Gratitude Journaling, Muscle Relaxation Exercises and Positive Thinking Practices.