Room2Move Yoga

room2move is a unique health studio offering you a wide range of classes to satisfy people with all levels of experience, ability and enthusiasm. Our teachers and Osteopaths are an experienced team trained to international standards and dedicated to your individual needs.

Yoga at room2move 

We are located behind Coburg Osteopathy & Health Services at 222 Bell St.

‘All classes are non competitive and should be practised with awareness of our bodies'.


The yoga class emphasises precise instructions to bring about correct postural alignment, increased flexibility, tone and strength. Props are used to help all participants work correctly within their current body limitations. This is yoga to help improve flexibility and overall strength.


Hatha is one of the most popular styles of yoga. It focuses on simple poses that flow from one to the other at a comfortable pace. The class focuses on breathing, meditation, endurance and flexibilty. A perfect class for strengthening the body, improving suppleness and relaxing the mind.


Is a dynamic form of yoga which has a focus on ‘Vinyasa’ the ‘intelligent putting together of things’. It’s purpose is to create heat in the body, which leads to purification of the body through increased circulation and sweating. It improves flexibility with a reduced risk of injury.