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Monday, March 23, 2020



We are saddened to report that Tuesday the 24thMarchwill be our final day of clinic at Coburg Osteopathy & Health Services, before this inevitable temporary lockdown.  Even though it has been recommended by Federal and State governments to help reduce spread of this life threatening virus, it has been a difficult decision to accept for all members of our team.  It will be the first time we have closed our doors in 20 years.  

We are hopeful that if everyone in our community cooperates to isolate, we will see a decline in the cases reported.  This is a time for us each to do our bit, to reflect and remember to never take our health for granted, look after ourselves and our loved ones.

We believe that it is our responsibility as health practitioners to assist with the effort to slow the pandemic and keep the vulnerable members of our community safe. We are unsure how long this closure will be but we are assuming it will be between 2-4 weeks.  If you require a last minute appointment today or tomorrow, we will endeavor to accommodate you the best we can.

If you have an existing appointment, you will have received an sms message from us, asking if you would like to keep your appointment and change it to an online video/phone appointment, or choose to cancel it.


We wont let this bring us down and we are excited to share with you some up and coming ways to stay in touch with all of our amazing practitioners, as I’m sure we will miss you all just as much!

1.You can contact us with any questions via our website through the Contact Us page:  all questions welcome!

2. We will offer Free Classes:

It is essential we look after our mental health as well as our physical health as we start to lockdown and self isolate. For those of you missing out on our regular weekly classes of Yoga, Pilates, Stretching or Strength and Mobility, we are in the process of working out the best way to bring you together using a platform virtually.  So we can all get together in our lounge rooms and go through a routine to keep you moving well. Everyone else in your household is welcome to join, we will promote it via our Facebook and Instagram pages.   If you would like to get some blocks, straps, therabands or stretch bands, we can send them out or feel free to pick them up from the clinic either today or tomorrow.  We will be in touch as soon as we have this sorted.

3. We will share updates, tips and tricks to keep you healthy physically and mentally on our Facebook and Instagram Pages.

Instagram : @coburgosteo

4. We will offer Online Video/Phone Consultations with our practitioners

What services can our Osteopath provide Online?

Movement assessment and Program

Postural assessment and Program 

Mobility assessment and Program

Strength assessment and Program 

Exercise prescription 

Rehab program

Ergonomic work Station assessment

Pain management

Stress management

Athlete screening

Clinical Medical Advice and Education

Medical Certificates

Golf range/on course physical screening and Program 

For more information regarding our Online Video/Phone appointments use the following link:


In order to for us to call you for a video or phone call chat, you will be required to download PhysiApp which is available on all devices.  It is a free App and will allow us to send you messages, design an exercise program for you, as well as perform an online consultation.  Once you have downloaded PhysiApp, you can book an online appointment with this link.

Finally, to our amazing community that makes up our patient base at Coburg Osteopathy, we are trying to make this adjustment as smooth as possible.  We will be waiting for you as soon as we are allowed to re-open.

Please stay in touch with us online, if you don’t already follow us on Facebook and Instagram please do so through this crazy time. We are always here for you all.

The Team at Coburg Osteopathy & Health Services.